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Studio9:05 Interview with

Excerpt from the Interview:

You made a huge switch from a Fortune 500 company to a self-taught creative business. How long did the switch take and did you have the support of your family?

It took a full year for me to get up the nerve, flush out my business plan and build up my savings. I worked 50 hours/week and my husband and I had a toddler to take care of as well–so I spent almost every lunch break and most evenings brainstorming designs, researching the industry, reading business/design/escape 9-to-5 books and flushing out my business plan.

I am fortunate to have an extremely supportive family. My husband is behind me every step of the way and my parents and in-laws have been some of my biggest cheerleaders. Not to mention my three older brothers, my younger sister, cousins, aunts & uncles and good friends. These are the people I rely on for emotional support and constructive criticism–I know I’ll get the real schpeal from them.

 ‘Spotlight Mommy’ Feature on Inspired By Savannah

Excerpt from the Interview:

“On those impossible days, what motivates you to keep going?

I switch from strategic to tactical mode and just move forward one task at a time. The big picture can be both inspirational and daunting–being able to focus on the task at hand is what keeps the engine in drive. Just remember that above all, the juice is worth the squeeze.”

‘Feature Friday’ Highlight on Inspired by Savannah

Excerpt from the review:

This past Monday I had the opportunity to spotlight Mary Katherine “MK” Alderman, creator of Studio 9:05.  If you missed my interview with MK, click here to read it now.  Today I wanted to share more about this great online store for fun and creative digital printed gifts. If you are a fan of indie crafters, then you must check out MK’s store.  I just love the vintage spin she puts on prints and creates handmade gifts like coozies, blank notecards, sunshades, stickers, coasters, fill-in-the-blank invitations and much more.  Every item in MK’s store is playful and fun.  You can’t help but think of all your dear friends who would love to receive a special message from you with MK’s vintage print notecards.  I have a few friends who are always hard to shop for, but not anymore.  They like handmade products from indie artisans and unique items, and Studio 9:05 is right up their alley.