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Ze Perfect Beer Connoisseur Set

Ze Perfect Beer Connoisseur Set
Spiegelau‘s new Beer Connoisseur Kit is an instant classic. Whether it’s for a host/hostess gift, a holiday gift for that special beer drinker in your life or for you, you’re not likely to find a simpler and more elegant set of crystalline beer glasses — and for just $49.

Lager is one of the most common beers, and that’s why most people serve all beers in lager-friendly pint glasses. However, the shape of the glass greatly affects the experience of a beer’s aroma and flavor, and not all beers are made alike. If you consider the way the taste buds are arranged on the tongue, it makes sense that the way a beer flows into the mouth will affect the taste. The shape of the glass determines that flow, and there is no one-glass-fits-all for beer.

The kit features, from left to right, Spiegelau’s new Tall Pilsner Glass, Wheat Beer Glass, a Lager Glass (pint glass) and a Stemmed Pilsner Glass, ensuring that you always serve your beer in a shape conducive to expressing the beer’s optimum flavor.

All the glasses are German-made and dishwasher-safe. If presenting someone with the Beer Connoisseur Kit as a gift, we recommend also gifting them with four imported beers ideal for the glasses, like a Bohemian-style pilsner for the Tall Pilsner Glass, a wheat (or “weizen”) beer, an esoteric lager and a highly-fermented, intense pilsner for the stemmed glass.

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