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Black. White. Gold.

Black. White. Gold.

I’m just a tad bit obsessed with white, black and gold. Join me in my obsession:

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Let’s get up to no good,



Let’s Start With the Kitchen…

Let’s Start With the Kitchen…

When we moved into our house back in July of 2009, we knew we had A LOT of projects to take care of. We completed ALMOST everything ourselves just using our own crafty skills and learning the more detail-oriented skills via YouTube tutorials. We improved every single room in the entire house….let’s just start with the kitchen:

Can you find the differences?

  1. Painted walls (DIY)
  2. Painted cabinets (DIY)
  3. Changed out hardware for drawers & cabinets (DIY)
  4. Changed counters from white 3×3 tiles to granite (Professionally Installed)
  5. Changed backsplash from white 3×3 tiles to glass tiles (Professionally Installed)
  6. Upgraded from white equal-double bowl sink to stainless staggered-double bowl sink (Professionally Installed)
  7. Upgraded faucet (DIY)
  8. Painted dishwasher with stainless-look appliance paint (DIY)
  9. Changed light fixture above breakfast table (DIY) *’Before’ Not Pictured Above
  10. Added moveable center island
  11. Updated refigerator & range, swapped range hood for over-the-range microwave. *Not pictured above.

More ‘Before’ Pics:

White hardware+white appliances+white tile counters+white tile backsplash=BLEGH!

Nice view of the yucky old light fixture. Notice the oddly placed cabinets. Those were one of the first things to go!

I absolutely hated the burgundy accent tiles on the backsplash. I cringe just looking at them.

White range and outdated range hood. No microwave to be found!


The fridge didn’t convey, so we had to buy one ASAP. Sweet electric can opener.

A view to the kitchen from the entry hall.

Getting the painter’s tape up!

The first bit of paint going up around the doorway to the garage. We used Oyster Blue by Duron.

Hello lover. (And yes, I view wine as a priority–so that moved in as quickly as the fridge).

More ‘After’ Pics:

View looking into the kitchen from the dining room.

We picked up the light fixture above the breakfast area from the Habitat ReStore—a quick coat of spray paint (she used to be brass) and easy update!

View standing near french doors. The fridge is covered in artwork and coupons now 🙂 The microwave works great to hold important reminders–we just pop a fridge magnet on to hold a note.

I picked up the circular chalkboard decals for $10 at Tuesday Morning. We keep important reminders and a chore list on them.

Chore list.

View from chalkboard area.

View from entry hall.

Closeup of the countertops and the backsplash.

What plans do you have up your sleeve for your kitchen?

Let’s get up to no good,